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Comments and Questions

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Hi, what kind of plaster did you use on the inside and on the outside? Thanks for your help!
Hello, I thoroughly enjoyed reading everything you had to say about a strawbale home.  My wife and I have 10 acres in Littlerock CA.  We also are about land restoration and have been looking into building a natural home for ourselves so we can use the current one for education and volunteers. I've been looking into a lot of different natural building types and would love to try and come out there for a tour if you are willing.

I just wanted to say your article linked below really does a great job of explaining many of the details that I had in my head labeled as unanswered questions about the "right" window to use while planning for a home that will utilize Passive Solar heating.

My primary fear being, not choosing the right window for the task at hand (Passive Heating) and then ending up with a new house full of expensive windows that are doing more harm than good.

Prior to reading your article I was having a heck of a time finding a website or documentation that spelled it all out as clearly as you did here. I feel better informed now.

Thanks for your article and time writing it
Hi there! I was wondering if you would be willing to meet in person to talk about your house! We too live on the central coast and would to chat!
RK reply: Sure. Let me know how to contact you.
Hello, I enjoy your site very much. I understand the logic of large windows letting in the winter sun, but if windows are smaller and more electrical heat utilized, do you think one could keep temperatures more constant?
RK reply: Yes, that would keep temperatures more constant. But then it's more a conventional house rather than a passive solar house.
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