It's a Cat House

Designing for Cats

We love cats. Currently 5, but we've had as many as 7 at once. Indoor only. All shelter adopted. And we designed the house to have purrfectly contended felines. These features were inspired by Bob Walker's and Frances Mooney's The Cat's House, which was first a book and is now a most entertaining web site.

Cat tree in a straw bale house

In Sally's studio, an actual tree – a local sycamore downed in a storm – and a custom spiral staircase lead to a shelf under the top windows and then to a shelf passing into the adjoining sitting room. The cats have been seen using the staircase on occasion, but most often they just jump up to or down from an intermediate shelf. This photo was made just before we moved in.

Elevated cat shelf in a straw bale house

A shelf made from a 2 x 6 crosses the sitting room from Sally's studio (on left) to Randy's study (on right). Cats can reach the shelf from the tree in the studio or the stairstep bookcase seen on the right.

Elevated cat shelf in a straw bale house

The mailboxes can be closed on the rare occasion that we need to confine a cat to one room. This one leads to the top of a set of bookshelves in Randy's studio

Elevated cat shelf in a straw bale house

A custom stair-step bookcase leads right up to the cat shelf. This is their most common way to go up and come down.

Custom cat door in a straw bale house

A custom punched-tin cat door into the laundry room where the water bowls and litter boxes are. They prefer this door even when the main door is open.

Cat tree

All cats love a big, tall cat tree. Cats live in a much more vertical world than we or dogs do.

The Current Residents


Nicky is a big blue-eyed white boy. Acts tough, but actually a lover.


The new kid on the block.


Stuart is sensitive. He would prefer to be an only child.


Very laid back.


The morning ritual


The only girl.

Former Inmates

Some of our former pussycats that we miss.

Spike O. Riley and Roxanne W. Furrperson


Fannie Foxtail


Maize Jane Valentine


Hannah Marie Pearl


Shasta Sue Latte

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